Jordyn Curet may be a pre-teen, but her resume is flawless. Jordyn Curet started her acting career as a baby in Los Angeles. Ever since then, Curet has had roles in Raven's Home, Home Economics,  The Neighborhood, and many more films. Jordyn Curet is not stopping any time soon in her career. Keep up with Jordyn Curet on social media. @jordyncuret_


Emerald Knox is a photographer and brand strategist from Brooklyn. Emerald Knox is known for her creativity throughout all aspects of her work. Behind the camera, Emerald Knox captures life's best moments. In addition, Emerald Knox is the creator and host of Dinner With Ms. Knox. Follow Emerald Knox on social media @emeraldscity


Alectra Cox is a model, content creator, and rapper from Califorina. Check out the behind the scenes of Alectra Cox recording her latest singles.


In Hollywood, many child actors come and go. Even though a young actors talent may be great on screen, their talent won’t prevail for more screen time. Many young talents may come to mind while reading this introduction, but the Hurd sisters are proving to make Hollywood their stage. With their family dynamic, talent, and charisma, the Hurd sisters will be making history. The Hurd sisters consists of Lyric(12), Melody(9), and Rhythm(3.) Each Hurd sister has impeccable talent, but their love for each other proves they can win together. The eldest of the Hurd sisters is Lyric Hurd. You may recognize Lyric from her role in “Roxanne Roxanne.” On the other hand, you may recognize Lyric for her countless appearances in commercials. At a young age, the DMV native started to model at runway competitions. While Lyric Hurd was killing the runway, the eldest sister was going viral on social media. The young actress and model would captivate social media users with her million dollar smile, eye catching hairstyles, and impeccable fashion sense. Lyric Hurd has over two million search results on Google alone. This alone proves that Lyric Hurd was ready to make the world hers. While knowing Lyric Hurd personally, I can say that the young pre-teen is passionate about her craft. She is over protective about her sisters, and her representation in the industry inspires many young girls.                         Read more on




Ameenha Lee Takes Over The Strip Partnered With Rookie USA

‘Ameenha Lee Takes Over The Strip’ took place on October 6th, presented by and Rookie USA. ‘Ameenha Lee Takes Over The Strip’ took place in Las Vegas featuring the top content creators, artists, and CEO’S. This event allowed viewers to engage with the guest speakers apart of the event including Chermia Amour, Lexi Alon, Dolce Milan, Stacy Igel, and Nicole Yniguez. Due to Covid-19, many events have been placed on hold. Many of our favorite events such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Ultra have been pushed back until 2021. During the pandemic, I have constantly engaged with my followers to present many digital events, and ‘Ameenha Lee Takes Over the Strip’ was my first in-person event since Covid-19, with safety guidelines enforced of course.

I had the pleasure to talk to each guest speaker about their career, their beginnings in field of their work, and how they are making a change with their innovations. Rookie USA gifted the guests in attendance Jordan gear to look stylish anywhere and everywhere. AOUT ROOKIE USA Haddad Brands created a retail concept in 2011 known as Rookie USA. Rookie USA is a kids only, multi-brand(nike, hurley, & levi’s, & converse), premium retail destination. It is a retail experience focused on ages 4-12 years old with an emphasis on apparel, accessories and footwear.Rookie USA offers consumers a collection of iconic brands and a complete head-to-toe kid’s experience.

Read the rest on




This week, we are featuring super star Jaylin Fletcher. Jaylin Fletcher is a model and actor from New York. Jaylin Fletcher currently stars in the TV show "Snow Piercer". Continue to support Jaylin on his journey!

Instagram- @officialjaylinfletcher

The Importance of Celebrating Of Juneteenth 

Target, Nike, Google, Twitter, Lyft, and other billion dollar companies are recognizing Juneteenth as a paid holiday. On the other hand, why hasn’t America praised Juneteenth as much as the Fourth of July? “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.” This order, that Gordon Granger read in 1865, was a pivotal moment in History.

Juneteenth is recognized as a national holiday that celebrates the ending of slavery in the United States. Texas, a Southern State, had over 250,000 slaves when the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted. Juneteenth is highly celebrated in Texas, but surprisingly not in other states in America. Many American’s do not know about Juneteenth because it is hidden from our textbooks and minds.

The best way to celebrate Juneteenth is by educating people around you the importance of this national holiday. Telling your friends, family members, and other peers about Juneteenth is very important of keeping black history alive. Many popular Juneteenth activities include barbecuing, fishing, and rodeos

“Juneteenth almost always focused on education and self improvement” Certain foods like pork and lamb became very popular once slaves were freed. These foods were not available on a daily basis, so they became foods for special occasions.


Ameenha Lee's Legendary Digital Party

Don't let quarantine stop the fun at home! Every weekend, Ameenha Lee hosts the best digital event known as "The Legendary Parties." This digital event is the place to be for networking, fun, and everything Q&A's. Check out the amazing guests that will be speaking this week. 


Rihanna has been killing it lately in the fashion industry, but it looks like Rihanna might be taking over the film industry as well. Amazon has landed a multi million dollar to obtain the rights of a Rihanna documentary produced by Peter Berg. It is reported that Amazon paid 25 million dollars for the films rights. This deal is compared to Billie Eilish. She has landed a deal with Apple TV to produce a documentary about her life in partnership with Interscope Records. Peter Berg told media outlet THR, “That was a fun change of pace…to go travel with Rihanna around Europe, and Rihanna is surrounded by girls. We were in Nice. She was going to do a concert on Bastille Day, and that truck driver who killed all those people plowed through them right in front of our hotel. So even in me trying to do something light, I had a very, very front-row seat to something that horrific.” Rihanna also had a deal to showcase her Savage X Fenty lingerie show on the Amazon Prime streaming service. Peter Berg hopes to distribute this documentary with many and maybe all streaming services. Over 2 million people have Amazon Prime according to The Verge.

How to know if you have a toxic friend-by Ameenha Lee

Having a toxic friend is one of the worst people to have in your life. I have had many toxic friends in my life,especially in high school.

1. They gossip about you

This should be the number one sign in identifying a fake friend. Toxic friends are very untrustworthy. They will gossip about you like you’re their enemy.

2. They will judge you

The only critic in your life should be yourself. Toxic friend will judge you and tend to boss you around.

3. They are self centered

Toxic friends will only care about themselves and no one else. When you talk about yourself, they will tend to cut you off and make the conversation about them.

4. They are liars

I literally do not even have to explain this tip. Toxic friends will tend to lie. You can tell if someone is lying if their story is inconsistent or just too perfect.

5. They are disrespectful

Toxic people would show no respect toward themselves. If toxic people do not show respect toward their parents, just leave them alone.

Make sure to attend our upcoming event Bloggers,Books,and Cupcakes

Industry Kids is returning with their smash hit event Bloggers,Books,and Cupcakes.Bloggers,Books,and Cupcakes is a day to celebrate everything reading presented by bloggers. There will be panels and workshops featuring the top bloggers in the industry. Authors will also be honored and celebrated for their gft of creating art for people of all ages! For more info contact


Songs Industry Kids Love


Secret Life of Pets 2 Review

The Secret Life of Pets 2 proves to be one of the top animated movies of 2019. The film is the perfect movie for kids, parents, and even teenagers. It includes a lot of comedy with a great message.

This sequel will have you wondering what your pets REALLY do when you leave home. Max, the main protagonist of the film, must cope with major changes in his life. His owner gets married and then gives birth to a little boy. Max is not a big fan of him at first, but then learns that he must protect the ones he loves. When Max’s family takes a trip to the countryside, a lot of craziness happens back in New York (where Max and his family lives). Max also meets Rooster, a farm dog, who will help him get over his fears.

Back in New York, Gidget has to learn how to be like a cat when she loses Max’s favorite toy. Also, Snowball(Kevin Hart) and Daisy(Tiffany Haddish) goes on a mission to save a tiger from a evil circus owner. In my opinion, Snowball and Daisy were my favorite characters in The Secret Life of Pets 2. Snowball and Daisy are very cute characters and the voice actors fit their roles perfectly.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 does have a different plot from the first movie. The sequel does tend to have too many story lines in one film that is 84 minutes. I do have to say that “The Secret Life of Pets” is a way better movie than the first one. It is very rare for a sequel to top the box office like its predecessor. The sequel made $47.11 million in its first week, less than half of what its predecessor made. This movie is perfect for the summer time. I would rate The Secret Life of Pets 2 a 9/10.

welcome to #industrykids. #industrykid

  Welcome to What is Industry Kids? Industry Kids is a marketing branding firm run by children of entertainment. From music, art, media, and branding. Industry Kids uses their influence to help build brand awareness for starter companies and influential brands. Industry Kids has worked with brands from Miss Jessie's, Gucci, Sprayground, Vibe Magazine, Black Celebrity Kids, and more. Make sure to use the hashtag #industrykids and # industrykid on social media. 

social media:

instagram: @industrykidsevents


Grown-ish TV show Review

Grown-ish is based about the Johnson family’s oldest daughter Zoey. Zoey leaves her family nest to attend college at Cal U. Grown-ish explores the real life challenges that Zoey will experience in college. During college, Zoey will experience love, heartbreak, and new friendships.

The season two summer premiere of Grown-ish aired on Wednesday, June 5. The summer premiere episode started off with major drama. Zoey (Yara Shahidi) finds out that her friend Ana(Francia Raisa) is secretly dating her “ex” Aaron(Trevor Jackson). I put quotes around the word ex because Zoey and Aaaron never dated.

In season one of Grown-ish, Zoey was stuck in a love triangle between Aaron, Luka(Luka Sabbat), and Cash(Da’Vinchi). Zoey had to choose one guy out of the three to be her boyfriend. In the end, Zoey will later choose Luka. In my opinion, I do not appreciate Zoey getting mad at Ana for dating Aaron. They never dated in the first place. I get the rule of friends not supposed to be dating their exes, but Zoey and Aaron were never together. The only thing that Aaron and Zoey did was express their feelings for each other and kiss in season one.

I would say that Grown-ish a show that all teenagers need to watch. I would rate the show an 100%. Make sure to watch Grown-ish each Wednesday this summer at 8 P.M



Make sure to read Ameenha Lee’s Highschool Survival Guide!


Song of the Week Bryce Xaiver- "His Girl"


The Ultimate Pop Up Experience is an epic event for everyone of all ages. This is the perfect event for parents to know more about the entertainment business. The Ultimate Pop Up Experience will include a fun day of panels, music, and performances. Also, the panelists of The Ultimate Kid Pop Up Experience are also the top tastemakers in the fashion, beauty, blogging, marketing, and Instagram business. Get your tickets now!







Meek Mill ft Drake- Going Bad

Check out Donshea Hopkins Latest Song

IIndustry Kids Song of the 

Industry Kids Song of the Week

Monet Brand Review

In this generation, phones are pretty much everyone’s best friend. This generation includes, adults, teenagers, and kids. The Monet is the newest revolutionary accessory product  for everyone. The Monet is perfect to take amazing photographs . The Monet keeps all of your important items close to you at all times.The Monet is the newest revolutionary product that also includes a kick stand within the grip. This kick stand is perfect for the Netflix lovers that love to binge watch Netflix on the go.  The Monet keeps your important items together by being a carry on wallet. The Monet being a carry on wallet is perfect to hold credit cards and money. The Monet is unlike other products. What other product keeps your credit cards safe while on the go unlike the Monet ? The Monet is a super affordable and durable product that last for a long periodically time. The Monet is also a perfect gift for loved ones.

The Monet brand was officially founded in 2017



. The Monet was started by Ikey Srour and Sam Schneider, who were involved in the accessory business.

The Monet is the on the go product that is multi usable, unlike other products. It is time to ditch your purses and back packs, and use the Monet. The Monet is perfect because you can express yourself. The Monet features solid colors, neon colors, pastel, multi colors, and patterns.

Shop the Monet by visting



Industry Kids Presents Family Night Out

Industry Kids Family Night Out

On April 29th, Industry Kids presented Family Night Out. A night of fun, networking, and music.  Industry Kids Family Night was the perfect event to bring together talented performers, network, and for people of all ages to have a good time. Industry Kids also presented a VIP hour at Family Night Out. The VIP hour  was a influential hour where people can network with other influencers and brands while getting special gifts at the gifting suite.  Industry Kids Family Night Out was taken place at Eso Harlem.

Industry Kids is a marketing and branding firm run by children of entertainment moguls from music, art, fashion, media and branding. Industry Kids uses their influence to help build brand awareness for starter companies. Also, influential brands through their network. Industry Kids has worked with brands from Miss Jessie’s, Gucci, Sprayground, Vibe Magazine, and etc. Industry Kids also has a blog that features fashion, lifestyle, culture, brands, and more.

The amazing sponsors that sponsored Family Night Out included..

Charm It


Townley Girl



Shea Moisture


Tickle Water

Kid Pik

Stylez By Sonya

The musical performances at Family Night were performed by Hassan Brooklyn, Ken Belle, and KDW(Kicking Down Windows).

  • Hassan Brooklyn is a brand, mogul, model, and rapper. Hassan Brooklyn has appeared in commercials, web series,and upcoming film projects. Hassan is not even ten years old, and he is killing the game. Hassan Brooklyn did his first performance at Family Night Out and he had no appearance of stage fright at all. Hassan has so much swag to him. Everything that he wears is literally fire! 
  • Ken Belle is a talented singer and songwriter from the Bronx. Ken Belle has a passion for R&B, trap, and neo soul. His songs make you want to sing along instantly once you hear it.
  • Finally, Kicking Down Walls is a hip hop group comprised of siblings  Malcolm Small and Shadaje Small. Kicking Down Walls music is a combination of fun. Kicking Down Walls music always has a powerful meaning to it and their music is so upbeat it makes you want to dance.

Influencers that attended Family Night Out includes…









Check out more pictures from Family Night Out below!

Industry Kids Favorite Interview

Blogger and model Ameenha Lee interviews the next music break out star Marteen.

Industry Kids Style Kid of the Day...Aasim Harris

Industry Kids Song of the Day


Industry Kids Epic Song of the Week

Industry kids throwback song of the day

The Fashion Play Date

The Fashion Play Date is an influential event powered by Industry Kids and A Royale. The Fashion Play Date is an experience where brands connect with todays top influencers and celebrity kids. The second Fashion Play Date was on December ninth. The speakers included Shay Wood and Shauna from Fresh Kid Nation. Shay Wood is one of the owners of the legendary 5001 flavors and Harlem Haberdashry. Harlem Haberdashry and 5001 Flavors is a family run business. Shay Wood has designed fro many A Listers, from Jay Z to Biggie Smalls. Fresh Kid Nation is a website dedicated to current childrens fashion style trends and news about the fashion industry. Fresh kid Nation was created when Shauna realized there is a shortage of modern childrens wear or celebrated the burgeoning style of fashionable babies, todler, tweens and teens. Fresh Kid Nation is the go to  lifestyle website for families. 

   The Fashion Play Date is a brunch style element. Industry Kids and A Royale has the initative for brands to connect with influencers. Due to social media, many people do not know how to connect with others. The idea of The Fashion Play Date came about friom Malika Manning Marketing and Erika DeShazo. The sposnors of The Fashion Play Date included Universal Beauty, Love New Creations, Natural Bunch Kids, Townley Girl, Mdv Cupcakes, Hair Boulevard and Pop Cake Suprises. Influencers that attended The Fashion Play Date included Ameenha Lee, Aasim Harris, Sincere from Kids Want To Know and Gabby Tavarez. 

A day at playfair ny

Play Fair NY is a celebration of play and entertainment for all ages. I attended Play Fair  on November fourth and fifth. Play Fair includes displays that will make you awe, hands on exhibits, dozens of toy brands and never seen before toys. Brands at Play Fair included Nickelodeon, Spin Master, Toys "R" Us, Nerf, Hasbro, Moose Toys, Cartoon Network and Alex Toys.

I  got to vote for the toy of the year at .I voted for the the toy of the year in different categories. From construction, dolls, toddlers, plush, preschool, creative and many more. My favorite brand at Play Fair  was Spin Master. Spin Master includes Hatchimals, Luvabella, the  Powerpuff Girls, Paw Patrol and more amazing toys. Many people  at Play Fair  got to interact and engage with the different brands at Play Fair . I got to interview brands including Spin Master, Blankie Tails and Knex. I have worked with many of the brands at Play Fair . I definitely had fun at the Nerf booth where I used the different Nerf guns to play with others. I also made slime at Maddie Rae's slime booth. I also got to witness Maddie Rae breaking the world record for the most slime ever! Play Fair NYC is definitely a toy convention everyone should attend.

For more about Play Fair visit :

Blog post from Industry Kids editor Ameenha Lee from 

sprayground pop up shop

the fashion experience

industry kids x dope nerd pool part powered by intex

July 23rd was the Industry Kids and Dope Nerd pool party, presented by Intex. The event was followed by the fashion art class event. If you have not read my fashion art class article yet, you should. It is down below. The attendees of the pool party was Kennedy Hall, Melody Hurd, Lyric Hurd, Donshea Hopkins, and myself.

Kennedy Hall is an  actress, model, and singer currently residing in Los Angeles. Kennedy started her career in New York on the runway. She landed her first prime time role on CBS, Madam Secretary. Kennedy has worked alongside Kevin Hart, promo for the movie, The Secret Life of Pets. Kennedy has also appeared in national commercial for Target. You can see Kennedy in several Nickelodeon commercials this summer. Kennedy also has a new movie coming out fall/winter 2017,Think and Grow Rich. Kennedy stars as Young Mary Bethune. Kennedy also a company, Dope Nerd, which embraces kids to express their intelligence.

I am  a model, actress, blogger, influencer and a lifestyle brand. Her family has been in entertainment business for over five decades. I have worked with the most influential brands in the business. From electronics, fashion and beauty. I have  just launched blog is about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.I am a global ambassador for many brands. For example, Isossy, Sprayground, Dr Martens and Miss Jessie's. She has also worked with several media outlets. I have  been featured in British Glamour Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Black Celebrity Kids and Golden Magazine. She recently was one of the host for Golden Magazines  Runway Show. I  have produced several philanthropy events.  Such as, Autism, pediatric cancer and to give back to the  homeless. I have walked in Fashion Week numerous times.

    Kennedy Hall is a actress, model, and singer currently residing in Los Angeles. Kennedy started her career in New York on the runway. She landed her first prime time role on CBS, Madam Secretary. Kennedy has worked alongside Kevin Hart, promo for the movie, The Secret Life of Pets. Kennedy has also appeared in national commercial for Target. You can see Kennedy in several Nickelodeon commercials this summer. Kennedy also has a new movie coming out fall/winter 2017,Think and Grow Rich. Kennedy stars as Young Mary Bethune. Kennedy also a company, Dope Nerd, which embraces kids to express their intelligence.

Donshea Hopkins is the star on the hit show "Power" ,"The Detour", and "Orange is the New Black". Donshea Hopkins is also a  musical artist. Her music definitely makes you want to dance. Donshea Hopkins has a album called 3 point2.

Lyric and Melody Hurd are two dancing instagramers whose viral video landed them a meeting with Ellen Degeneres on "The Ellen Show." Lyric and Melody are also professional models and actresses who have been featured in national commercial and print ads. Lyric currently has 4 ads running for Pantene, Dunkin' Donuts, Lunchables, and Elmer's Glue. She plays Fastima in the movie, "Roxanne, Roxanne," starring Nia Long and Mahershala Ali which comes to theaters this fall. She's also filming a new project, "Born in the Game" where she stars alongside Niatia Kirkland (Lil' Mama). Melody has only just started her acting and print career, and has already worked for Target, a new kid's sleepwear company, Taliah Wajiid, and booked a national commercial.

Intex is the top leading recreation corp. that distributes airbeds, pools, and spas. Intex has a family history with more than forty years, crazy right? Intexs objective is to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price. All designed for comfort , safety, and fun.

I had so much fun at the pool party. I had even more fun with the floats and beach balls provided by Intex. Intex is my top choice for pool floats and all things comfort.

For more about Intex:


the fashion art class

Young hollywood keonte tarver

Keonte Tarver


Keonte Tarver  is a fifteen year old living in Moreno Valley Califorina .He is the face of the new millennial. Moreno Valley is now being called Murder Calley due to the increase of gang activity and violence. Keonte plans to stay out of the wrong crowds to a more postitive outlet. What is his positive outlet? Keonte's positive outlet is acting and modeling. Keonte has apperared on Rosewood, Game Shaker, CSI Las Vegas. He has alson appeared on a Yoplait commercial. Keonte has a great personality. In his free time, Keonte likes to go to the mall, hang out with friends, and play videogames. 

sisters with black girl magic

Lyric and Melody Hurd


  The Hurd sisters bring something magical to this industry. If you have ever been in the presence of Lyric and Melody, you will know what it means when people use the term black girl magic. Lyric and Melody are creative, gifted, magical, and funny. Lyric (8) and Melody (5) are two dancing instagrammers whose viral video landed them a meeting with Ellen Degeneres on "The Ellen Show." Lyric and Melody are also professional models and actresses who have been featured in national commercial and print ads. Lyric currently has 4 ads running for Pantene, Dunkin' Donuts, Lunchables, and Elmer's Glue. She plays Fastima in the movie, "Roxanne, Roxanne," starring Nia Long and Mahershala Ali which comes to theaters thus fall. She's also filming a new project, "Born in the Game" where she stars alongside Niatia Kirkland (Lil' Mama). Melody has only just started her acting and print career, and has already worked for Target, a new kid's sleepwear company, Taliah Wajiid, and booked a national commercial. 


Song for the weekend

song for the weekend

Lil Rome Diddy, model, designer, pro skater, and influencer.



Lil Rome Diddy(Jerome Selo Robinson) is the eight year old kid influencer. Lil Rome Diddy is from Sacramento Califorina. He is a pro skater, model, and designer. Little Rome Diddy captivates the youth from adults, kids, and teens.  Lil Rome Diddy has swag that you will not see in most eight years olds these days. Rome was given his first skateboard at the age of two. Ever since Rome started walking, Rome started skateboarding. He has not stopped riding since. Rome is affilated  with global brands. From The Money Team(TMT) , Grizzly Grip Tape , Ethika, Asphalt, DC Shoes, Diamond Supply Co, and more.

song of the day

Nia Sioux-Dance(Just Rock)

FlipaZoo, the new innovative toy

FlipAZoo is the new innovative toy of the year. FlipAZoo is the toy that flips for you. FlipAZoo has the amazing Mini Collectibles and Flipzee Stuffed Toys. The Flipzee Stuffed Toys are two buddies in one. With the Flipzee Stuffed Toy, you get adorable animals that flip back and forth. With two sides for fun! A secret character is revealed when you flip. So cool! The Flipzees are so cool to collect. You can get rare, common, special edition, limited edition, and extremely rare Flipzees.. At any age, you will have fun playing with this new  innovative toy. Finally, the FlipAZoo Mini Collectibles are my favorite. Why you may ask? This collectible is my favorite because I can play with my mini Flipazoo at school, home, and with my friends. FlipaZoo is for ages four and up. You can also shop FlipaZoo at Walmart. When you order a FlipaZoo, you also get a little Flipzee for free! You can also shop FlipaZoo at editor Ameenha Lee from

welcome our co-writer of!



Ameenha Lee is a blogger, model, and actress. She has two blogs, and She is also the co-writer and and editor of 

Follow Ameenha Lee on social media...







With kind regards

Industry Kids

Industry Kids loves Haylie Nowell. Haylie is a model and actress

kennedy hall, the new face of young hollywood.

kennedy hall, the new face of young hollywood.

kennedy hall, the new face of young hollywood.

Kennedy Hall, the new face of young hollywood. Kennedy Hall is a actress, model, dancer, and young entrpeneur. Kennedy is the new face of young hollywood. Kennedy has starred in a national Target commerical. Her other work includes, The Coroner, Beads, Nickelodeon, Disney the Lion King, and more. Kennedy is a force to be reckoned with. Kennedy is a young trendsetter who is working on several projects through her company Dope Nerd. Dope Nerd embraces kids intelligence, uniqueness, and ideas. To find out more about Kennedy and her brand, you can follow her

instagram: @kennedystarrchild



Legend Pearl, young supermodel, making the world her runway.

Legend Pearl, young supermodel, making the world her runway.

Legend Pearl, young supermodel, making the world her runway.

Legend Pearl, young supermodel, making the world her runway.

eishia brightwell




Legend Pearl is a spunky and confident red head. Legend is a young supermodel. She has appeared in ads for global companies. Such as , J Crew, Marc Jacobs, Vogue, Children's Place,and more. Legend is currently working on a new jewlerly collection with her mom, Eishia Brightwell. For more infromation on Legend follow...




hit song for the weekend

The Weekend, by Alyssa Cheathman, is the coolest song for the weekend. It is cute and catchy.

happy mothers day from #industry kids

song of the day

#IndustryKids partners with #Takecareofharlem for #adayofgiving #ameenhalee #sydneywood #royallips

#industrykids #adayofgiving KC Marketing Royal Lips Young Chef and Ameenha Lee

#Industrykids we're on hand for Petite Parade X Childrens

Industry Kids helps to Take Care of Harlem

Young Chef

Industry kids hanging out at Z100 Jingle ball at Madison Square Garden

Industry kids at the pitcch in foundation Christmas party .

Ameenha Lee and Anna Maria Horsford usin  The Ty Lites Selfie Case #AmeenhaLee #AnnaMariaHorsford #TyLites

Industry kids hanging out at Vinny Styles In Brooklyn Kennedy Hall Ameenha Lee

Industry Kids at The BET Awards with Yazz The Great 🎬👑Star of Empire

Photo Shoot Fun for MyPinkKisses Shoes and Mixed Up Clothing

Airport Fun with Ameenha Lee and Ciara Howard

Industry Kids attended The Kids Choice Awards #KCA in Los Angels We deceide to have fun in the airport to our favorite song by Rihanna we hope you enjoy it .

#ameenhalee attends the #kidpik launch event

Ameenha lee attends the launch of kidpik basics launch. Kidpik is amazing for girls the sizes 4-14. To shop go to

Industry Kids do the #mannequinchallenge

We have so much with our friends at Claire's Store doing the Mannequin Challenge super cool .

#AmeenhaRoyal14 #AmeenhaLee

Subscribe to The #AmeenhaLeeProject

One of our Past Events with #VibeMagazine #BlackCelebrityKids and #SpinMedia and #SoFamilyOnLine

Joshu Debarge son of #ElDebarge singing Happy  Birthday to Ameenha Lee

Joshu is the son of Famous Soul Singer #ElDebarge he is working on new music and acting he is a #IndustryKid

There is no video clip yet

#GoodForYouGirls Vegan Skin Care Products at #AmeenhaRoyal14 party at The 40/40 Club .

Ameenha's royal 14 bringed out many of the fabulous industry kids.Ameenha Lee threw her royal 14 at the 40/40 club in New York. The sponsors were Good for You Girls, Heart Me Jelwery, and Royal Lips.

#AmeenhaLee with Good For You GirlsOwner at #BeautyCon #goodforyougirls #beauty

Legend Pearl kid Star celebrates her birthday in NYC with some cool kids .Legendhas been featured in several campaigns her mom is super model eishia brightwell.

#KidsDay in Harlem Rucker Park with #AmeenhaLee and #CiaraHoward

Kids day at the Rucker Park in Harlem, this past summer.  The sponsors were Shea' Moisture, Ciara Howard, Dash Events and The ameenha lee project . This event was purely amazing!

Industry kids #AmeenhaLee launches her blog



Industry Kids went to see Othello The Remix  on Broadway. The Othello Remix is a 80 minute play. This play is so funny !

The adventures of Industry Kids is a Blog all about Kids who are doing great things in their industry from Acting Modeling Music Art NonProfit Sociallites Art Blogging and Fashion .We inspire to change the world though industry kids We will highlight industry kids all over the world .

Industry Kids and Dash Events presents #KidsDay At #RuckerPark hostedby Industry  Kids Ameenha Lee CiaraHoward and Dash PhotoBooths

Industry Kids Blog

Industry kids

#AmeenhaLee for #Sprayground

Industry Kids Interview #Empire Cast member Jeremy Carver at The Cove Lounge in Harlem

Industry kids interview star of Empire Jeremy Carver

#empire #jeremycarver #industrykids #ameenhalee #ameenhaleeproject